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Our E-commerce Difference

Here at Fat Fish Marketing, we specialise in all areas of e-commerce. We’ve helped retail brands, dropshippers, and independent stores in the UK and Ireland grow their online presence and boost sales. With our tried and tested e-commerce marketing techniques, you can convert more visitors to customers and more customers into long-time fans.

We offer more than outdated digital marketing tactics and think strategically about your place within the online retail sphere. Whether you’re trying to launch a new online store or optimise an existing store, we can tailor a package that’s completely specific to your needs.

E-Commerce Strategy

Data-Driven Decision Making for Your E-commerce Store

Trying to find solutions online can feel like a minefield. One marketing wizard tells you one thing, and another tells you the opposite. We take the guesswork out of decision-making through our data-centric approach. All our tactics are tried, tested and have delivered consistent results to our clients. Now, they’ll do the same for you and your online store.

E-commerce success

  • Giesswein
  • Herbalize Store
  • fourfive
  • PlantX
  • Bloombox Club
  • LØCI
  • Way of Will
  • Papillex
  • Wee Bookworms
  • Namaste Technologies
  • Finca Skin Organics
  • cannabisMD
  • Birch + Fog
  • Revive Active
  • KORE Insulation
  • God's Greenery
  • Herb.co
  • Fiorelli
  • John England Irish Linen
  • Bathroom Store Ireland
  • Ugg Australia®
  • The Hemp Company Dublin

Our E-Commerce Services


Get the step-by-step support you need for your online store’s success with e-commerce consulting. Our dedicated consultants have vast experience in the e-commerce sphere. We’ve worked with countless businesses, seen first hand what works, and applied strategies that fast-track business growth.

Our consultants’ first step is to create a tailored plan for you and your business objectives. As well as pointing you on the right path, they also act as accountability partners to keep you ambitious and motivated. With regular check-ins, we give you complete knowledge of your metrics, including traffic, conversion, revenue by traffic source, and the number of returning customers.

This gives you a clear picture of when things are working and let us take action when they’re not. Put the odds for success in your favour.

E-commerce SEO

A strong SEO presence can bring high-quality traffic to your page. These visitors have a strong intent to buy. Don’t leave them searching for you. SEO puts your store right in front of their eyes. Make it a core part of your marketing strategy. We can offer specialized e-commerce SEO services, which must take a different approach to other forms of websites. This is because our SEO techniques are geared towards making our clients more sales, not just driving more traffic.

Our full SEO service incorporates both on-site and off-site SEO. We use the most current white hat tactics to raise you through google’s ranks and offer content strategy planning to ensure you’re always on-brand. See your progress with monthly and weekly reporting.

E-Commerce Merchandising

Just like an offline store, your online store needs to be visually appealing for customers. Think of your homepage as a shop window that needs to be regularly updated to show current trends. This is online visual merchandising. It can tell the story of your brand throughout your website. Or it can make your collection page look as enticing as an in-store display.

Visual merchandising can take your customers on a journey and give them a more memorable shopping experience. All this makes your store feel more professional. It encourages customers to return or recommend you to their friends. Our creative team of visual merchandisers can talk through your requirements and even work hand in hand with the product photographers to ensure you have a consistent theme throughout your website.

Talk to us about e-commerce visual merchandising today.

E-Commerce Success

Digital Marketing Funnels

Every customer goes through a journey, from the moment they discover your brand until the day they make a purchase. In the online world, these are known as digital marketing funnels. There are various different types of funnels, but the most common example looks something like this.

  1. Attention: When a potential customer discovers your brand, maybe from organic search, a social media post, or simply a recommendation from a friend.
  2. Interest: When the customer is aware of your brand and has thought about how your product could benefit them.
  3. Desire: Now that the customer has considered your product, and maybe even read some reviews online, they’ve decided that they want it.
  4. Action: The final step where they get their credit cards out and buy your product.

To make the most of the customers coming to your site, it’s crucial you understand their behaviour. Our funnel experts can help align your digital marketing efforts with the customer’s behaviour. Optimal funnels help you target the right people at the right time in their purchasing journey. We’ll review your metrics against your funnels to ensure that your site is functioning to the best of its ability and alert you to any possible problems.

Shopify Experts

Shopify is the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce platform and is trusted by leading brands for its reliability and strong security.  Here at Fat Fish Marketing, our team of Shopify experts deliver robust web design and marketing that utilises Shopify’s technology.

We craft e-commerce stores that captivate customers. And our results-focused approach will help boost revenue in your shop. We can help you with Shopify website development. Our Shopify agency works with brands of all sizes to offer an all-in-one solution for Shopify vendors. These solutions include everything from web design & development to Shopify-specific SEO, strategy planning, testing, product storytelling and more.


E-Commerce Platforms

There are so many different platforms for e-commerce businesses, and it can be challenging to know which one to choose. Generally, we’d recommend Shopify for stores selling more than 10 products. During our discovery call, we’ll chat about your options and help you choose the platform that best suits your needs.

E-Commerce Security

Our web development team can help ensure that your site operates at its optimal security.

E-Commerce Development

A professional and high-converting website relies on its user-friendliness. We work with a team of UX designers who ensure everything runs smoothly.

E-Commerce Partners

Your website should be visible wherever your customers hang out. If that’s Instagram, promote it there. If that’s Facebook, promote it there. Our social media marketing team can help plan an advertising strategy unique to your store.

Why Our Clients Return to Us Again and Again


When you work with an e-commerce marketing agency, you have a whole team of experts at your disposal. There’s no need to spend hours trying to coordinate your copywriter, designer, and developer. We assign you a dedicated account manager who listens to your needs, communicates them with the team, and ensures your order meets your needs.


The marketing world moves fast. But the e-commerce marketing world moves even faster. As experts in our field, we stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry. By only using the most cutting-edge marketing tactics, you stay steps ahead of your competitors.

The best of creativity

With so much competition in the e-commerce industry, you need a lot of creativity to stand out. But maybe you’re not great at design. Or can’t come up with a name for your brand. Our team of creatives are experts in their field and have a fresh perspective that gives your brand the extra twinkle it deserves.

E-Commerce Optimization

London-Based & UK Knowledge

Fat Fish Marketing is a homegrown digital agency with a global mindset. No matter what your size, we can help you get exposure – locally, nationally, or internationally. We have digital marketing agencies in London and Newry, Northern Ireland, but we serve clients across the UK and Ireland.

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Our dedicated team are waiting to hear from you! We provide best-in-class service across a range of digital marketing services, including content marketing. If you’re interested in working with us, please head to our Work With Us page and submit the form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.