About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of SEO and digital marketing experts who have seen and manage:

  • Over €10 million a month in private business eCommerce sales
  • Over $1 billion in market cap growth of client businesses
  • Over $50 million raised in entities while having us grow digital
  • Over 25 years of combined digital experience in our experienced yet young management team

We have been through the tests of times on countless projects and with countless people. Every time improving ourselves our outlooks and our perspectives.

In this modern world we have to accept that regardless of what we are offline. Over 30% of sales are now online, that number growing. Operationally new growing businesses exist exclusive to online. We own and have sold a few ourselves. Making sure you succeed online or making sure that you are able to execute successfully with a digital asset. Requires an agile fast pace approach that leaves the rails in place that allows it to scale based on data and KPI’s. 

For even some of the largest business owners its a lot to learn. We at Fat Fish Marketing are very proud of the abilities we have acquired and what we are able to produce. The same way you would be with your own business and its products. 

With us be assured, if we see an opportunity and believe in your vision. When we take you on we take your success as seriously as ours.

Some of the companies we worked with

  • Herbalize Store
  • fourfive
  • Bloombox Club
  • LØCI
  • Way of Will
  • Papillex
  • Wee Bookworms
  • Namaste Technologies
  • Finca Skin Organics
  • cannabisMD
  • Birch + Fog
  • Revive Active
  • KORE Insulation
  • Troyers
  • Herb.co
  • Fiorelli
  • John England Irish Linen
  • Bathroom Store Ireland
  • yogandha
  • Ugg Australia®
  • Science Pod
  • Fandifi esports Marketing
  • marketing alternative health
  • PlantX
  • right nutri pharmacy marketing
  • brilliant shop markeitng
  • health matters NI
  • irish seedbank makreting
  • Hapi hemp Marketing
  • Fergusons Irish Linen
  • Giesswein
  • sole retriever
  • expert-seeds
  • watch mojo
  • Migro
  • 01

    Learn about your business, product & vision.

  • 02

    Dive into the analytics to see if it aligns with your aims.

  • 03

    Deliver analysis, action items & objectives based on data.

Our managment team

  • Barinslav Nikolic
    Branislav Nikolic
  • Joshua Neilly
    Joshua Neilly
    Founder, Ecommerce Finance/Start Up Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Services
    Madeleine Neilly
    Content & Social Marketing Specialist
  • Our Team member
    Natasha Nikolic
    Product Imagery & Administration