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Delivering Digital Success


    Giesswein’s management team approached us in 2021 asking for help with their SEO. Having a large existing set-up handling 100,000’s of monthly orders, we undertook a very detailed analysis and approach to the German company’s site, allowing us to scale up work and implement content and internal linking as needed. Despite the fact that there were 0% friendly URLs on Giesswein’s platform at the time of writing, we have managed to grow beyond any hit from Google’s page speed updates for both brand and non-branded terms.

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    Herbalize Store came to us in 2018 asking us to grow sales – within six months, we were convinced of the potential of the business and invested in it personally taking over 50% ownership. Since January 2019, we have been using data-driven SEO and content-first strategies involving no paid spend. By following this strategy, we have grown Herbalize Store from a high-potential startup eCommerce site to a business generating over £2.5million in revenue each year, and growing.

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    LØCI approached us with for some Digital Growth and had one project involving Nikki Reed. She was launching a line of shoes. Taking advantage of some previous poor PR coverage. Using the colour name Nude shoes. We launched the paid of LØCI shoes aiming to target “nikkie reed nude” winning us first spot. Inventive ideas can be found anywhere.


    We worked with HERB helping them recover from the MEDIC update. Making essential changes to ensure the brand would survive through the traffic drop. Herb is operating successfully today with over 10 million social followers and a 7 figure site traffic.

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