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As Shopify experts, we have years of experience in choosing the very best Shopify apps for a given function as well as successfully integrating them into eCommerce stores. For example, if you search ‘site performance’ into the app store, you are met with 165 search results at the time of writing in January 2022. How on earth are you to choose the ideal solution for your website? Which of these apps are right for your store? Furthermore, how do you get the app working optimally once you’ve settled on one that you think could work? 

By hiring Shopify website development experts like ourselves, you won’t have to worry. 

Shopify is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms out there, and with good reason. When you think about all the integrated features and support Shopify provides its customers, it’s no wonder that the company consistently ranks in the top three for Canada’s largest companies. However, unlocking the true potential of Shopify requires an experienced touch, one that’s been using the platform since shortly after its inception. That’s what we can offer prospective clients – that, and a track record of achieving eCommerce success on Shopify with companies ranging from clothing to skincare to cannabis. 

The first thing you need an expert’s help with is site performance. Site performance is a metric used universally by search engines as a major ranking factor in the search engine results pages (SERPs). If your site speed and site performance are poor, your SEO and PPC will suffer. This all stems from your website providing a suboptimal user experience and, regardless of search rankings, you are likely to have an increased bounce rate and exit rate. People don’t like waiting an age for their page content to load. 

Often, when we receive requests to optimize the performance and speed of an existing Shopify site, it can already be too late. That’s because the theme that the site has been built on is limited in the extent it can be optimized. You need expert advice to select the right theme and build up a high-performing Shopify site to your design specification. Often stores with suboptimal themes cannot be optimized as highly as they might be due to coding limitations, and it’s often easier to just start again with a new theme in order to achieve the desired results. By choosing us, we can help you achieve this from the off.  

Shopify Website Development Services

Bespoke Shopify Development

With the dawn of Shopify 2.0 upon us, it has never been easier to customise Shopify themes built on the revamped 2.0 platform. Having said this, there are still limitations to what you can do with Shopify without development credentials.  If you want any kind of significant modification or customisation not already as standard within the theme, 2.0 or otherwise,  you’re going to need a Shopify development company to help you navigate Liquid code. 

Liquid is Shopify’s own coding language used to build all of its themes and, as such, requires some getting used to. Given our vast experience working with Shopify themes, Liquid is something we’re very familiar with and can modify with ease, without implicating your site performance. 

Although Shopify does not boast the number of plugins the open-sourced CMS platform WordPress does, there are still more than 6,000 to choose from. If that seems overwhelming, it’s because it is – at least to the untrained eye. By the way, if you’ve installed more than ten or so apps to your store, it’s more than likely you’re overdoing it. Knowing which apps to choose to help you improve your site from a performance and functionality standpoint can make a huge difference to your bottom line. 

Our Clients

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  • KORE Insulation
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  • Migro

Our Shopify Website Development Services

We use Shopify as our eCommerce platform of choice and have helped eCommerce stores become successful time and time again. That’s why you can trust us to deliver high-quality Shopify website development services as we know what works to help you grow your business and improve your bottom line. We have a number of specific capabilities that enable us to help you achieve all of your ambitions on this great platform. 

Shopify Website Migration

Whether you’re looking to migrate your business from a custom-built bespoke platform or from another competing platform such as Squarespace or WordPress, we’ve got your back. We have migrated websites from virtually every imaginable platform to Shopify and not one customer has been disappointed with the results. We ensure that your site is highly performing, fast, SEO-ready, and incredibly user-friendly, so that you can be sure that you have a website that is ready to start growing your sales.  

User Experience Centric

When we design websites, we ensure that the user experience is as smooth and free from distractions or issues as it possibly can be. User experience is central to achieving a great conversion rate, and also ties in directly with your ability to rank on search engines. We always design with UX principles in mind and ensure that your users have a great experience when using your website.

SEO-Ready Shopify Websites

For all eCommerce businesses that we work with, we recommend focusing on making organic traffic one of, if not the primary traffic source for your business. SEO traffic means that you have a steady source of traffic coming to your store without having to spend a single penny on advertising. What’s more, it can act as a great foundation for layering on additional traffic sources, such as PPC, Google Shopping, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Marketing. 

Shopify Web Development FAQs

Shopify Web Development is the creation and adjustment of an eCommerce theme through the Shopify CMS platform, making use of requisite applications and manipulating Liquid code when necessary. Good Shopify web developers have a sophisticated understanding of Shopify’s code language Liquid and will be able to manipulate it to provide the functionality and design required by the website. 

They should also have a good understanding of which applications will be needed to provide various performance enhancements, payment solutions and enhanced functionality to a Shopify site without negatively affecting its performance. There are over 6,000 applications available on Shopify’s store, many of which purport to serve a similar purpose. Knowing which are the best to use makes a huge difference to the quality of site-build.

Yes, but is almost exclusively used in the development of eCommerce websites. Shopify is a platform built specifically for online stores; blogging and media sites will be served better by using a different platform such as WordPress. In addition, without knowledge of Liquid code, it may prove difficult to design a Shopify website exactly as you would like it and you will largely be restricted by your choice in theme at the start. 

The introduction of Shopify 2.0 has enabled individuals with minimal Shopify website development skills to modify and change more when it comes to the design of a Shopify theme, but this is only possible with themes that are built on the 2.0 framework. For certain advanced modifications not built into the Liquid code, you will require either the use of an app or a Shopify expert who can write the required code. 

As a web developer, you will need to a) select a theme that fits the intended style and requirements of your website, b) populate your store with products, key pages and other content, and c) set up payment gateways, integrate applications and develop areas of code to add functionality to your site. This is a bare minimum to start a Shopify store, and many more areas need to be considered if you are to successfully make sales, not least developing a digital marketing strategy to bring relevant visitors to your site. 

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