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eCommerce SEO is the process of getting your online store at the top of the search engine results pages to drive more traffic and, ultimately, make more sales. Your website needs to be optimised for maximum visibility in order to attract new customers. To rank high on SERPs, you need a well-rounded SEO strategy with effective keywords, efficient web store setup, and mobile-friendly usage.

A strong online presence helps increase visibility and customer awareness. Traditional stores seek out the best location for business, which is usually where high volumes of people will see them. The internet version of this is eCommerce SEO. Your business needs to be seen to succeed.

eCommerce SEO can boost visibility and consequently drive more traffic to your web store. More traffic means more customer reach and more opportunities to make sales. The higher your customer reach, the more opportunities you have for future marketing. Those customers that organically land on your web page can later be reached through remarketing campaigns. It’s like hitting multiple birds with one stone. It’s an effective marketing strategy that attracts and retains customers to ensure ongoing success.

Many brands are discovered for the first time from the first page of Google. This ranking can act like an endorsement and deliver trust. A strong online presence gives your online store credibility and elevates your brand.

Investing in SEO isn’t a one-time effort. But, unlike advertising, its value doesn’t end once the campaign is over. When Google recognises your site as strong, more of your future content will rank, too. Evergreen content can hang about at the top of the SERPs for a long time. SEO can feel like a marathon. But the long-term results are worth it.

eCommerce SEO Services

Why Is eCommerce SEO Essential for Search Marketing Success?

Our eCommerce SEO services will become your most valuable search marketing tool for organic visibility, brand awareness and enhanced customer reach. However, it’s not a tool for overnight success and this is why it’s important to start as soon as possible. With a solid SEO strategy, consistency, and patience, you’ll soon start noticing an increase in traffic, leads and sales. 87% of shoppers begin their shopping journey online by searching and learning about products.

If your store ranks high on the first page of SERPs, potential customers will see you and trust that you’re reputable before they’ve even clicked on your site. Plus, with a high ranking position on SERPs, your site will experience a massive boost in traffic.

At Fat Fish Marketing we are passionate about helping organisations reach their full online potential. By working together, we can help you reach new heights; you can channel your energy into generating sales and delivering quality service to your customers, while we take care of maximising your website’s SEO structure.

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Our eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce SEO Strategy

Let Fat Fish Marketing enhance your online store with an SEO data-led strategy to keep you top of the game. We want to improve your business across the board, including maximising visibility, boosting traffic, reaching the right audience, widening customer reach, and increasing sales. We have years of experience developing high-quality strategies that elevate businesses on every channel. We can discuss this with you at one of our UK offices or via video call.

eCommerce Keyword Research

SEO decisions should be data driven – use thorough keyword research to avoid instinctual decision making when implementing SEO. Organise your content in a way that answers the questions your customers to boost organic traffic and maximise sales. Our experts go beyond just identifying long-tail keywords. We create a full strategy of keywords that signal buying intent, have low competition and high searchability. This brings more custom to your site and boosts sales.

Content Creation

After researching keywords, they need to be placed on your site. Our team of expert copywriters create natural content for your site to get you to the top of the search engines. Worried it’ll look like keyword cramming? At Fat Fish Marketing, we never use outdated marketing tactics and create customer-centric content that’s a joy to read. We bridge the gap between SEO and content marketing, combining the two to create a holistic digital marketing strategy that will drive your business forward. We understand the need for on-brand, engaging content that not only excites users but fosters link building, keyword ranking and traffic building.

eCommerce Site Architecture

A clear and transparent site structure will enable search engines to efficiently crawl your website as well as providing a harmonious user experience for visitors to your website. We can implement a richly functional and user friendly site architecture that will drive your website forward.

On-Page SEO for eCommerce

We tailor On-Page SEO for your unique website, analysing the structure of your site and implementing our tools accordingly. Taking into consideration the complexity of eCommerce websites and the different SEO needs of Product Pages, Category Pages, Expired Product Pages etc., we adapt our strategy on a case-by case basis.

Technical SEO for eCommerce

Make sure that Google understands your website by leveraging Technical SEO. We love diving into the nitty-gritty and getting the smallest, technical details (Schema Markup, XML Sitemaps, Crawl Errors, etc.) of your website right so that you can concentrate on converting new visitors into customers.

SEO Audit

Whether your site needs a tweak or overhaul, we have the expertise to quickly identify what needs to be improved and fix it for optimal results. This is known as an SEO audit. We identify ways your site could benefit from a further SEO boost, like a content strategy. Our SEO marketing team present these action points to improve your SEO and efficiently implement them without disrupting your business.

Improve User Experience

A positive user experience will drive conversions. We optimise your site to ensure it runs quickly and easily. There are a few reasons searchers will click away from your site quickly, and usually, it’s poor usability. If Google sees a lot of people click off your site quickly, they’re gonna assume they had a bad experience. If it repeatedly sees people not loving your website, it’s not going to recommend you. Easy navigation and fast loading times are just as important as pretty pictures and descriptions.

eCommerce Link Building

Position yourself as an authority in your field for search engines and customers alike with our top-class link building services. If you are running your website on a WordPress platform we will optimize and do a Cleanup of your plugins, enabling efficient and strategic link management to drive the credibility of your eCommerce website.

eCommerce SEO FAQs

As an online shop developing a strong online presence is key to ensuring steady growth and building lasting relationships with new customers.

The SEO objectives for Ecommerce stores comes down to 3 main points:

  • Enabling efficient crawling – your website should be designed so that Google can easily understand it’s structure, content and relevance (and rank it accordingly).
  • Ranking for Keywords – most online shoppers start with a search query. You want to hit the top-ranking spots for the keywords that apply to you.
  • Verifying your credibility – position yourself as an authority in your field (for search engines and customers) with high quality content and inbound linking.


It depends on your business and what industry it’s in. Competition varies through different industries, so your ability to rank depends on having a superb eCommerce SEO strategy. eCommerce websites are inherently different to other types of websites. This comes down to their purpose as a platform for making sales as opposed to providing information. They have unique requirements and structures and so SEO techniques should be applied in a unique way.

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