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What Is a Content Marketing Strategy?

A content marketing strategy is a plan of how, what, where and when you’re going to communicate with your customers. Before you start creating and publishing marketing content online, there are some critical questions you need to ask. The main question is ‘what should I create and for what purpose?’ By identifying your business interests, you can start creating content that satisfies them.

The main areas of planning a content strategy are:

  • Execution plan
  • Channel strategy
  • Creative ideation
  • Keyword research
  • Brand identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Customer research
  • Process, management, audit
  • Data analysis

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Content Strategy

In today’s digital world, content marketing is the most profitable method your business can use. Why’s that? Here are a few reasons.

Establish Brand Identity

The power of an established brand is priceless. Having a solid brand identity influences the decisions of a buying customer. Consistent and enjoyable content helps build brand authority. This leads to familiarity and trustworthiness. These are the elements that keep your brand alive in your customer’s mind, and more likely to return.

Analyse Performance

For your business to become a well-oiled, smooth-running machine, you need to study data metrics. You can zero in on any changes needed and adjust your strategy over time. This allows your content to flourish online and become highly efficient at gathering leads and turning them into sales.

Content Marketing Strategy

Attract Ideal Customers

For you to generate leads, you need to attract your ideal customers. A winning content strategy will figure out a sophisticated process to turn those new readers into converting leads. No matter what stage your customer’s buying process is at, an in-depth strategy will cover it all. Whether it’s a new customer who just found your blog post or an old customer who slipped off the radar, content strategy lets you grab their attention and create leads.

Leads to a Higher ROI

Content marketing costs around 65% less than traditional marketing yet is 3 times more effective at producing leads. This ultimately yields a terrific ROI that you really can’t miss out on.

Sharable Content

Content that spreads like wildfire brings equally fast success. With social media, we always share interesting content with our friends. Viral content is a valuable strategy for a business as it guarantees exposure at no extra cost and with little effort. Make sure your content is clear and entertaining to entice people into sharing.

Why Is a Content Marketing Strategy Important for Digital Success?

A content strategy helps you decide the methods and channels to attract customers. Creating content without a strategy is essentially like driving a car with no map — you don’t know where you’re going or why. It’s important to create content that customers will love. This helps establish a strong brand identity, too. You want customers to remember you for being reliable, relatable, relevant and most importantly,  connected. Powerful marketing content has so many benefits. It all begins with a killer strategy.

Our content marketing strategy successes

  • Giesswein
  • Herbalize Store
  • fourfive
  • PlantX
  • Bloombox Club
  • LØCI
  • Way of Will
  • Papillex
  • Wee Bookworms
  • Namaste Technologies
  • Finca Skin Organics
  • cannabisMD
  • Birch + Fog
  • Revive Active
  • KORE Insulation
  • God's Greenery
  • Fiorelli
  • John England Irish Linen
  • Bathroom Store Ireland
  • Ugg Australia®
  • The Hemp Company Dublin

Our Content Marketing Strategy Services

Detailed Content Strategy

Our expert strategists have a results-focused approach to creating your content plan. This is intricately plotted down to the theme and timing of each piece of content. We use our own tried and tested blueprint to bring big wins.

Brand Awareness

Our professional marketing team elevate your brand’s visibility through masterful content. We can create brand-friendly content and consistently distribute it in the right places, so customers know who you are and what you stand for.

Strategic Analysis

Our experienced and knowledgeable marketing team will work with content data metrics to consistently reevaluate and improve your campaign. We take snapshots from each channel to see where your content is performing best and double down in that area. Whether you need to rank a page higher on the search engine, retarget funnel leads, or create fresh content for a new audience, we’ll complete it in perfect time.

Content Marketing Strategy

Promotion and Distribution

Our content strategists, social media consultants and project managers are on hand to craft a multi-channel winning content strategy. There are many areas to work with, and we establish what’s best during our detailed strategy consultation.

Content Creation

The crux of the entire strategy is compelling content that sells. Content creation is therefore a key element of any content marketing strategy. Our talented team of writers, videographers, and designers will provide SEO planning and identify trends for insightful, exciting and engaging content. We research your customer’s needs and incorporate the information into engaging content.

content marketing strategyfaqs

A content marketing strategy can revive brands that have gone stale and bring new brands to life.

By creating the right content, you can communicate your brand story in the best way.

A strong strategy creates happy and fulfilled customers who become your brand’s biggest fans.

All of this builds revenue.

Any business, whether online or not, can use content to boost success.

Content creation earns trust between customers and businesses, which has enormous benefits.

Traditional ads don’t bring opportunities to build trust and confidence.

A strategy that nurtures customer relationships is sure to help any industry thrive.

Customers are asking looking for answers across different platforms every day. We need to answer those questions, on the right channel, in the right way, at the right time, to give your customers what they want.

To boost brand awareness and make more money!

We use KPIs (key performance indicators) to spot where your content is performing best.

You’ll gain transparent insights by measuring sales conversions, article shares, email sign-ups, time spent on your website, and more.

We do all of this behind the scenes for a smooth flowing marketing operation.

Above measuring the success of your content, these metrics establish the overall success of your business goals.

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Content Marketing Strategy

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