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Why your online business needs social media marketing

Social media marketing is no longer a marketing trend, but the new online marketing. Brands grow and generate sales through social media. So, it should be an integral part of every business strategy these days. Social media allows you to tell your brand story, build an organic following and turn your audience into customers.

If you ignore social media, you miss out on a great source of revenue for your brand. Leverage the diverse range of social media platforms out there to reach a pool of untapped local and global markets.

Social media marketing does not only help you target potential customers, but also engage directly with your existing customers.

Through effective social media marketing, you can understand your business insights, customer behaviour, and empirical data that will drive your brand’s growth. If you’re not using social media tools, you’re not marketing your online business.

Digital marketing experts have a toolkit of tried and tested techniques to craft a compelling social media marketing plan that’ll propel your business.

Social Media Marketing Services

How social media marketing can propel your digital business

Social media is a great avenue to drive massive traffic to your business services or products. The exposure allows you to increase your ranking, interact with your site visitors, measure user activity and increase conversion rates.

By creating content and consistently engaging with your followers, your brand remains etched in the minds of potential customers. It boosts your online reputation and cements your brand authority in the market.

Social media advertising, an essential marketing tool for every brand, shouldn’t be done half-heartedly. Running and managing cost-effective advertising campaigns, in turn, increases the ROI for brands. Advertising on social media helps you to target, retarget and expose your brand’s services to the right consumers.

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  • KORE Insulation
  • God's Greenery
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  • John England Irish Linen
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  • yogandha
  • Ugg Australia®

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Management

Social Media management goes beyond increasing page likes, follows or sharing content. Building a reputable social media presence is vital for every business. You must nurture a social media brand that consumers love.

We are experienced in managing your brand’s social media pages, running campaigns, creating compelling content and crises management.

Firstly, we must understand your brand objectives. We can then draft a strategy that works for you.

Our effective social media management expertise ensures that your brand has a dedicated community, engaging customers and increased revenue through leads.

Social Media Marketing Professional Services

Facebook Advertising

With 2.7 billion monthly active users on the world’s largest social network, Facebook advertising puts your products and services in front of the right users. We employ proven strategies in running targeted ads to increase your desired ROIs.

Our team of experts create compelling ads to beat your competitors, generate more leads and grow your revenue. Whether you’re a small business or a conglomerate, Facebook Ads can be tailored to you.

We combine data analytics with user experiences to create customized ads for your brand. Our promise is to help you scale and increase your profits.

Social media marketingfaqs

Absolutely! Nowadays, there are more users online looking for products and services. Social media marketing enables you to meet those consumer needs. Fat Fish Marketing will take your business through a rigorous process and create a strategic social media marketing plan for you. 

There is no specific or fixed budget. It solely depends on the brand. We can evaluate your needs, goals and determine the appropriate budget for your campaigns.

We offer paid social media advertising on Facebook.

Your product or services, niche market, and marketing goals will determine which channels are right for your business.

Our services are transparent; from setup to implementation and evaluation.

Our team of dedicated experts will work on schedule with your team and at every step of the process to ensure we’re all on the same page. Our delivery is quality. No hidden costs involved.

We provide a comprehensive social audit for all our social media marketing campaigns. We shall determine which strategies will be effective for the brand and offer solutions for growth.

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