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Execute a conversion-focused Pay-Per-Click strategy

PPC, which stands for pay-per-click, is a method of internet marketing where you put an advert for your website online and pay every time it’s clicked. There are many platforms that use PPC ads, but it’s mostly associated with search engine advertising. PPC can help you get higher on the Google results page without relying too much on organic search traffic, aka SEO.

Essentially, you’re paying for people to come to your website.

PPC Management Services

What’s more important, PPC or SEO?

The answer is that paying attention to both will help you achieve huge growth. PPC can fast track your efforts to reach the first page on Google.

When you consider the value of traffic brought in by the ads, they can pay for themselves quickly if executed correctly. Even those with a strong SEO presence can’t rank for all their desired keywords. The truth is some are just too difficult.

There’s no way you’re gonna rank for the word “cat” through plain old SEO. But PPC could get you somewhere close to the first page. (Might cost you though…)

Combining PPC and SEO together is a rocket-fast way to boost your revenue.

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Our PPC Management Services

Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search Advertising is the most common form of PPC which involves placing ads on a search engine or other platform. Our team of PPC experts help you create a strategy that fits your business goals, whether you’re looking to build brand awareness or generate more sales leads.

Paid search ads can come in a few different formats. The first is paid search listings. These are text ads that appear at the top of the search engine results page.

The next is shopping listings. These are image-based ads that usually appear on the right-hand side of the search results. And finally, there are local services ads that appear when someone is searching for something in their local area.

With our Paid Search Advertising services, we create a strategy based on target keywords that are relevant to your brand and craft tailored meta descriptions that urge customers to click.

And of course, we track your ROI along the way to ensure that the ads are performing.

Display advertising

Display ads are video or image ads that are placed on platforms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn and encourage users to click through to a webpage and take an action.

Considering the average consumer in The UK is exposed to around 5,000 ads in a day, your display ads must have impact. Our display advertising specialists ensure your ads are shown to the right people with the relevant messaging.

As these ads are highly visual, our design team works carefully to create stunning ads that fit your brand image and clearly show your product or service. Our expert copywriters write copy that speaks directly to their consumers and encourages them to take action.


Have you ever looked at something online, only to see an ad for it the next day? Sure you have, we all have. This is an example of remarketing and it’s an extremely popular method of PPC advertising. And, for good reason, too. The people you’re advertising the product to already have a high intention to buy.

The majority of customers who visit your website aren’t quite ready to buy on their first visit. A remarketing campaign can be a helpful nudge that puts you back into their mind and constantly reminds them to come back and buy. Until they do.

If you think of it in real-life terms, if you pass a sign for a double gourmet cheeseburger every day on your way home from work, you’re probably going to buy one for dinner eventually.

However, the offer has to be appealing and the messaging has to be spot on.

We’ll help you set and forget your digital remarketing campaign with high-quality advertising.

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Google shopping

If you’re in the business of selling products, it’s worth considering running a Google Shopping campaign. These powerful product listing ads can put your product in front of more eyes.

With our Google Shopping Campaign services, we make sure you’re maximising your potential. Our specialist team create winning strategies that let you run campaigns with high conversions and low conversion costs.

We take full management over your ads, using our vast experience to bring you results. Our Google Shopping campaigns are efficient and let you pay less to Google while grabbing huge results.

Amazon sponsored ads

Fulfilment by Amazon is a popular way to sell products on the world’s biggest marketplace, without actually handling them. Sponsored Ads are the key to success in this competitive environment.

Amazon has its own PPC service which is different from Google and needs its own unique approach.

Many Amazon FBA business owners set up their stores for passive income and try to create their own ads. However, the process is complicated and competitive. Many of these businesses lose money in the long run or get a very small return on investment.

Here at Fat Fish Marketing, we have vast experience in the world of Amazon Advertising. We help you create a clear strategy with realistic goals.

Above all, our main aim is always to get you a higher ROI while spending less on advertising. If you’re an Amazon seller, we can also assist you with listing optimization, keyword research, product photography, and more.

PPC audit

Think of a regular PPC audit like a car MOT. You’ll want to do one occasionally to ensure everything’s still working as you hoped. Our team of PPC experts will create a solid paid search advertising plan

Of course, trends change, the internet changes, and so should your PPC strategy. With a PPC audit, you’ll be able to detect early on when it’s time to switch gears and shake up your strategy. Or, best of all, you’ll see when things are working and be able to focus more energy on that.


PPC ads aren’t just restricted to Google. They can also be used on specific platforms, specifically social media. If you’re targeting a niche audience that tend to hang around exclusively on one social network, you’ll have a high conversion if you put your ads there.

Yes, and the people who click on them are twice as likely to buy than an organic visitor. This can have a huge impact on your sales.

Ad rank is how high Google places your ad on the search engine results page. Google takes a lot of things into consideration when placing your ad. Our specialists stay up to date with the algorithms to deliver the best results.

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