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Why Every Online Business Needs a Digital Strategy

In this fast-moving digital world, every business needs digital solutions that differentiate them in a competitive market. Digital strategy covers all aspects of digital marketing and the application of the latest technologies to achieve business growth. To survive and dominate in the online turf, your business needs a solid digital blueprint. If done right, you’ll gain maximum exposure for your brand and skyrocket your online presence.

With the right digital strategy, your company can solve complex problems and churn out great results for every campaign. There is no one-size-fits-all digital strategy. Your business goals will determine the specific strategies to help it succeed. If you take a look at the organizations staying on top of the game, their foundation is complete with a digital strategy. It’s on this foundation that top brands build their business processes.

Digital strategy for brands and organizations must be researched-based and data-driven, rather than heuristics. Being tactical will optimize your business.

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Why Having a Digital Strategy Is Fundamental to Your Business

Digital strategy is your way to incorporate new ideas into your business. Whether you want to adopt new technologies, build new products or expand your growth, your brand can’t forgo a digital strategy. Innovative business requires innovative thinking to operate. It takes a new thinking approach to analyze your target customers, build systems, enhance brand awareness, drive sales and achieve your KPIs.

You are able to systemically plan and execute projects if your fundamental digital strategies are well-positioned. Your brand’s online presence must permeate every unit of the company, and this could be your recipe for success.

Our Digital Strategy Successes

  • Giesswein
  • Herbalize Store
  • fourfive
  • PlantX
  • Bloombox Club
  • LØCI
  • Way of Will
  • Papillex
  • Wee Bookworms
  • Namaste Technologies
  • Finca Skin Organics
  • cannabisMD
  • Birch + Fog
  • Revive Active
  • KORE Insulation
  • God's Greenery
  • Fiorelli
  • John England Irish Linen
  • Bathroom Store Ireland
  • Ugg Australia®
  • The Hemp Company Dublin

Our Digital Strategy Services

E-Commerce Consulting

We have extensive experience delivering best-in-class e-commerce consulting services to a vast range of businesses. These companies vary in size and industry, with Fat Fish Marketing having worked with wellness, cannabis, fashion and skincare companies, among many others. We are also both WordPress and Shopify experts. This allows us to seek effective solutions for the vast majority of e-commerce stores with only a short onboarding period. 

Digital Transformation

When you think digital, you think forward. Integrating digital solutions into a business is at the core of every brand’s journey. Re-thinking new ways of doing business puts you ahead of the game. Digital transformation is the kick your business may have been lacking. Effective implementation requires talent. In order to scale over any resistance in the process, our expert digital architects will guide you through the transition.

We exist to help brands understand technological data, digital tools, business automation, agile development and intelligent design thinking. We prepare brands for a competitive digital future.

Website Analysis

Websites are your brand’s estate online. It’s where consumers discover your business, engage your service and access your products. Having an aesthetic and functional website can create a good first impression. But, if your website does not turn your visitors into customers, it needs to be re-evaluated.

We conduct thorough onsite and offsite website analysis for small and large brands. Our process involves in-depth analysis of your web data, competitors’ analysis, user experience and optimization of your web presence. We also offer complete web development services to deliver a high-performing tailored site, perfect for your business. 

Content Marketing Strategy

We understand how important an effective content marketing strategy is to any successful online brand. By leveraging our expertise and vast experience, we know how to develop strategies for creating high-quality content to both drive SEO traffic and delight customers.

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Paid Search Advertising

Many businesses seek to use paid search advertising as a central component of their online strategy. By optimizing this important channel, you can reach more customers and generate more revenue for your business for less money. A tailored and effective paid search advertising strategy is required in order to do this.

Our paid search experts will be able to guide you on your strategy, finding ways to improve your traffic goals and, ultimately, your profitability, 

Digital Marketing Funnel Optimization

Within every online business, website owners must understand the value of digital marketing funnels. By understanding your customers differing journeys, you are able to enhance their experience with your brand. We provide detailed analysis of all your digital marketing funnels to better connect with your customers and achieve your business goals.  

Customer Analysis

Customer service and customer retention can be a real pain point for many businesses. We take these weaknesses and conduct customer analysis that’s seamless and satisfies the brand’s unique needs. Customer analysis is essential in every marketing plan and helps in key decision making. Our analytical process requires data collection, market research, demographic analysis, competitors’ customer analysis and customer behaviours.

We create a buyer persona and determine the factors that can help you target the right customers for your business. In the end, we strive to help brands succeed in areas of customer acquisition and retention, efficient customer services and increased sales.

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This all depends on your current business strategy, goals and growth target. After chatting with you, we can create a tailor-made digital strategy.

Every business looking to establish an online presence and attract customers needs to undergo digital transformation.

Digital strategy should trickle down the whole organization. Your team’s input will clearly define the strategies to develop.

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