Affiliate Marketing

Give other websites an incentive to promote your product

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply a method of promoting your business online via someone else’s content creating efforts. In return, this so-called “affiliate” will receive a percentage of any sale that has been made by their efforts. Affiliate marketing can therefore be a win-win content marketing strategy to boost web traffic, leads and conversions.

Here’s what affiliate marketing can do for your online business:

  • Save time
  • Increase web traffic
  • Boost profit
  • Give valuable exposure
  • Wide customer reach
  • Create new audience
  • Target specific audience
  • Transparent insights to all leads and sales

Why Should Your Business Use Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re looking for a new marketing strategy, look no further. Affiliate ads are great for any business. This new way of advertising has rocked over the past few years with the rise of blogging and social media marketing.

Low Risk

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising where the merchant pays the content creator for driving successful traffic and sales. You won’t have to pay them until they produce a successful conversion. Performance marketing is relatively low risk for your finances because there are no upfront payments. So you easily control your profit margins.

Low Effort

Buyback extra time to grow your business by incentivising content marketing experts to promote your products. You essentially paying an expert to successfully promote your goods. This saves you energy to work on the more creative side of your business. With this marketing model, you essentially have your own free sales staff.

And just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. Almost 90% of advertisers say affiliate marketing is an essential part of their marketing strategy. Not only that, businesses are increasing their budget for affiliate marketing every year. It’s time you start your affiliate marketing campaign, too!

More Business Exposure

Even if your ad doesn’t successfully convert, you’re still a winner with affiliate marketing. If you’ve hired a creator with a large audience, you’ll also generate free exposure. All exposure is valuable, especially if your affiliate partner endorses your product. It’s a win-win for your business.

Affiliate Marketing Services

New Customer Reach

You can use Affiliate marketing across various platforms and channels. This allows you to reach audiences you wouldn’t usually have a chance to connect with. These new audiences should also be more receptive as they already follow and enjoy your affiliate partner’s content. Use affiliate marketing as part of a winning content marketing mix for a fresh influx of customers that’ll benefit your business.

Valuable Insights

There are many ways to monitor performance insights when launching an affiliate marketing campaign. You can apply these insights to your other marketing campaigns to compare and refocus where you drive the most sales. Use the sophisticated affiliate marketing insights to look into what works and create a winning ad campaign every time.

Why is affiliate marketing necessary for digital success?

A marketing technique shake-up could be just what your business needs for success. With affiliate marketing gaining popularity, now’s the best time to cash in on this method for digital success. Crazy as it may seem, you can make money in your sleep when using affiliate marketing.

That’s kinda like living the dream. Now we’re not saying you’re lazy! We know the hard work and effort it takes to run and grow a successful business. But it does sound nice to take away some pressure by letting someone else promote your product. Their expertise will nudge customers in the right direction.

With the multitude of daily tasks and goals taking up your time, your business could use this time-saving ad strategy. Your time is valuable, so manage it correctly for a thriving business.

Affiliate marketing examples

  • Social media influencers
  • Podcasts
  • Display ads
  • Site content
  • Vlogs
  • Email marketing blasts

Our Clients

  • Giesswein
  • Herbalize Store
  • fourfive
  • PlantX
  • Bloombox Club
  • LØCI
  • Way of Will
  • Papillex
  • Wee Bookworms
  • Namaste Technologies
  • Finca Skin Organics
  • cannabisMD
  • Birch + Fog
  • Revive Active
  • KORE Insulation
  • God's Greenery
  • Fiorelli
  • John England Irish Linen
  • Bathroom Store Ireland
  • yogandha
  • Ugg Australia®

Our Affiliate Marketing Services

Content Marketing Strategy

Great content and content marketing are vital for business growth. We have the expertise to create an excellent affiliate marketing campaign using optimised content. We’ll help maximise your profits and promote brand exposure. Whether you need help creating a new advertisement or reviving an old lifeless ad, our creative team is here to discuss a profitable affiliate marketing strategy for success. If you can’t make it to any of our UK offices, we can arrange a zoom meeting at a convenient time for you.

Content Creation

To reap the benefits of an affiliate marketing ad, you need killer content to captivate customers. That’s where high-quality content creation comes in. Let us produce attention-grabbing content that’ll sell your products and lead your ideal customers to you. We’ll use a potent mix of keywords, quality content and platform optimisation for the best results.

Affiliate Marketing Services

Connections to Affiliate Partners

We have connections to some of the best online content creators like bloggers and social media influencers. Our relationships with these affiliate partners are expanding, and we can secure you the perfect partnership to work with your business. We identify content creators within your niche and work on various platforms to maximise reach and profits. Our influencer connections have a large audience and convertibility with a reasonable price tag.

Access to Our Experienced Affiliate Marketing Team

Fat Fish Marketing knows the crucial steps to yield positive results for your business. We quickly analyse performance data, assist with affiliate recruiting, create high-calibre content to promote your products and provide customised solutions throughout your campaign. Whether you need a one-time strategy or ongoing assistance, we have you covered.

affiliate marketing faqs

Affiliate marketing helps you generate more sales quickly and easily.

And best of all, it doesn’t break your budget.

It’s cost-effective with real results.

Affiliate marketing also helps your business by giving you access to professional marketers like influencers and content creators who expose your products to new audiences.

They put all the effort into promoting your product to drive leads and sales.

Take away the burden of ideating creative promotional ideas. Reclaim time to spend on important business matters.

Affiliate marketing is unique and won’t disrupt your other marketing tactics.

Amplify your brand by hiring an affiliate marketing expert to monitor ad data reports and notice where you’re getting the best results.

Our content marketing team are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to creating optimised content for selling products.

We’ve worked with various clients and know how to develop the best strategy for each individual brand.

We examine your brand in great detail to create winning content that converts, and we’re confident we can add to your success using affiliate marketing.

If you’re an international business, this strategy is perfect for you.

Thanks to the internet, we’re globally connected, so it’s easy to have affiliates all over the world.

Affiliate marketing is straightforward and cost-effective when compared to traditional social media ads.

You won’t have to pay until you make a sale, so you’ll see profits roll in before anything goes out.

With this unique marketing strategy, skilled publishers bring you huge growth without much effort on your part.

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