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Who Needs International SEO?

Any business targeting customers abroad needs to pay attention to their international SEO. Whether you operate in multiple locations or just one specific country overseas, optimising your international SEO ensures you rank highly.

What Is International SEO?

International SEO is the practice of optimising your website for an audience around the world. Similar to local SEO, it focuses on geo-targeting customers dependent on their national market. One of the main components of international SEO is understanding the market that you’re targeting. And if that’s a non-English speaking market, it also involves language localisation.

The World Is Your Oyster With International SEO

The internet has opened the world of business so much further beyond your front yard. However, many barriers can prevent you from targeting customers in other countries. This includes language and cultural differences, a lack of knowledge about competition, and even which search engine to use.

Did you know that some countries don’t even use Google? International SEO makes your business’s voyage around the world even smoother, so you can succeed in today’s online marketplace.

International SEO

Localisation vs Translation

Customers in non-English speaking countries don’t just use different words to you. They also have a completely different culture and searching intent. It’s not enough to simply translate the high performing keywords from your home country and hope they’ll work in a non-English speaking target country.

Keyword research requires a deep understanding of the local market. How they think. What they like. And most importantly, how they search. We work with highly-respected localisation SEO experts worldwide who analyse your target market to see what they’re searching for. SEO is not a “one size fits every market” practice. It requires much more care and a team of experts.

Why International SEO Is the Foundation to Digital Success

Most digital brands define success as global. And reaching a worldwide audience has never been more achievable than it is today. Strong international SEO can make or break your success in global markets. We provide you with the know-how and expertise to rank highly on international search engines.

Our Clients

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  • Namaste Technologies
  • Finca Skin Organics
  • cannabisMD
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  • Revive Active
  • KORE Insulation
  • God's Greenery
  • Fiorelli
  • John England Irish Linen
  • Bathroom Store Ireland
  • yogandha
  • Ugg Australia®

Our International SEO Services

International SEO Consultancy

Our SEO consultants can help you decide which countries to target and break into. They have years of experience helping companies like you create an international SEO strategy and oversee your website being pushed out into new countries and in different languages.

Content Localisation

When you’re targeting websites in different countries, the content must be localised. This doesn’t just go for content in non-English speaking countries. Even audiences in different English-speaking countries have varied searching intentions and keyword popularity due to cultural differences.

Not sure what we mean? Just consider the difference between what a google search for “pants” would bring up in the UK and the USA. For countries outside the UK and Ireland, our multilingual SEO experts around the world create localised content that fits current trends and searching habits.

International SEO Audit

We make sure to complete a comprehensive SEO audit of your sites to understand how well you are targetting geo-specific areas at the moment. This allows us to develop an effective strategy to better target cusotmers dependent on their region. 

SEO Team

Keyword Research

We never just recycle the keywords that are popular in your home country. We do a complete keyword analysis in your target country to ensure that you can rank for the most profitable keywords.

Analytics Tracking

Analytics let you know if a tactic is working or not. It helps you pivot, change gears and celebrate wins. Our SEO specialists create detailed and easy-to-understand reports that help you evaluate your campaign’s success.

Competitor Research

Your competitors will vary from country to country. We research them for you and even evaluate their SEO strategies. By learning their strengths and weaknesses, we create international SEO campaigns that help you overtake your competitors.

Link Acquisition

Link building in foreign countries can be complex due to language and cultural differences. Our team of SEO specialists located around the world use their local knowledge and expertise to acquire more backlinks for you.

International SEOFaqs

Our SEO specialists can research the markets and competition in virtually any English speaking market. For non-English speaking countries, get in touch and arrange a consultation to see if we can help you. We work with reliable localisation specialists around the world who deliver consistent results.

No, this isn’t necessary. Our team can optimise your current website to rank in multiple countries — even those with different languages.

You could, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Have you ever visited a website from a different country that’s clearly been created using Google translate? Not only is it difficult to understand, it also feels untrustworthy.

You should also consider that popular content in your home country might be on-trend or fit other countries’ searching behaviours.

Our multilingual SEO team can localise your content using the most effective SEO strategies for your target country.

Google isn’t the only search engine. China, where over 18% of the world’s population lives, uses a search engine called Baidu. If you think Google is difficult, try trying to understand a China-specific search engine.

And that’s not the only country-specific search engine. South Korea uses Naver and Russia uses Yandex.

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